The EU EIP Evaluation activity draws on a comprehensive range of sources from across Europe and builds on work undertaken within previous programmes such as Tempo, EasyWay 1&2 and EIP+. The activity serves to share, review and refine common evaluation definitions, methodologies, approaches and concepts with a view to enhancing and harmonising ITS evaluation outputs from the ITS deployment corridors and the wider ITS community as a whole. The EU EIP Evaluation activity provides and maintains a comprehensive suite of tools and guidance required to nurture a consist approach based on best practice which will in-turn generate more harmonized evaluation outputs within the field of ITS. These outputs will be drawn from a wide range of ITS schemes within the extensive pan-European community of Road Operators and Authorities from within the ITS corridors and beyond. In this way the EU EIP Evaluation activity strives to develop a clear, comprehensive and current picture of the real impacts and benefits of ITS deployments and service implementations on the Trans-European Road Network.
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